Effectively Remove Acidity Problem Without Any Medicine


The problem of acidity is one biggest issue of today it is widely seen in every age people. Acidity means the formation of gas in stomach. Sometimes the problem of acidity strikes the heart activity and results in to heart attack so it is very essential to find the effective and beneficial way to remove this problem by home based treatment. Here are some very effective remedial tips to remove the problem of acidity.

There are three most beneficial ways to remove acidity are first control your eating habits breakfast is more essential then lunch for you so do breakfast daily at time, avoid eating spicy food because it affects whole digestive system, and eat dinner 2 to 3 hour before sleeping, drink 2 or 3 glass of water early in the morning, eat some Tulsi leaves any time it reduces gastric trouble and most effective home based treatment is Amla very successful acidity treatment from a long time.

Two spoons of honey with vinegar also effective for controlling of acidity. Above all one more ancient and most effective way to control the problem is Exercise. Make a habit of morning exercise as well as morning and evening walk. And remove the problem of acidity without any medicine.


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