Believe of The Beautiful Things Do Not Feel Pain


Think of the beautiful things do not feel ache, so it looks that still some other advertising motto of a new age a good heath and in place is the truth, scientifically proved. For example, the ache of a sting could be mitigate by focus on a positive image and best beautiful things a happy memory, a face dear.

The mind once again stronger than the body health care in fact according to research conducted by the University de Montreal and published in the periodical Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) focus on positive imagery feel less pain.

In this regard Mathieu Roy and one of the doctors who oversee the research said: “Emotions and moods can modify the way we react to ache as they can be associated. Our tests revealed when the ache is apparent by our brain and how the ache can be magnified when combined with the negative emotions.”

The learn was conducted on 13 volunteers (and masochistic) that have been subjected to electric shock in the backbone so you can monitor the impulsive reactions, in the meantime modify Nance images on a screen is positive, negative and neutral.

Roy again according to the learn led to very important results that can be applied in other fields of medicine: “Our results appear that non-pharmaceutical interventions – temper enhancers, such as photography or music – could be used in the field health to assist alleviate the ache.

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