Fitness: What to eat after the gym

We know how significant build the movement for our welfare but also for our line: frequently, when we are fighting with the balance, an inscription in gym subsides for a though ‘time our senses of guilt. Be conscious that although, if what you eat after exercise is not balanced and correct, undermines all our efforts! A good health problem! This was revealed in learn of ‘universities Michigan searchable website of Journal of Applied Physiology. Nine volunteers have lent themselves to experimenting with three types of search diet post-fitness: A balanced, with a few carbohydrates, some other low-calorie.

The result, unluckily, disappoint you: the greatest is the menu with few carbohydrates greatest way to stimulate the metabolism of glucose.

“Many improvements resulting from metabolic ‘exercise rely on the last training session and not merely by increased “Fitness? General. And the metabolic changes not merely for how we train, but also relying on what we eat, ?say Horowitz, and chief researcher of the study.

The volunteers, sedentary, and accustomed to eating generally, have been subjected to numerous sessions Training go behind numerous menu kind. In the end it just appeared that every time you train the body’s sensitivity to insulin increases, improving the capability of muscle use and storage of glucose and reducing the risk of Diabetes.

“This effect is more noticeable if you compact carbohydrates without touching the calories. Because physical activity brings significant benefits on health In short, eating little or no require trying to get a slimming effect: even the exercise linked with consumption of carbohydrates is fine for metabolism and health. We are now that continuing studies on obese subjects to apprehend what the minimum amount of exercise physical is and might increase insulin sensitivity at least for a day, “the researchers highlight.

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