Progeria: some other extreme case of premature aging in Britain

Who has a fine memory shall recall the case of the usual guest of the then Italian girl “Maurizio Costanzo Show? Testified that his experience with that disease that was old, day after day, at least five times his respective age than common. A truly desperate cases, which evolved in the worst way in a short time.

Today there is some other case alike to the Italian girl, this time to be affected by this form of premature aging is the UK where a child lives At least by birth speaking, just eleven years old left alone to face its most serious disease As I do not believe there are others in the world patients with this infrequent form of rapid aging.

Just the unusual pathology and anticipation, alas very weak in the meantime you can find any care least likely to reverse the disease, led us to mention the name of the patient, albeit slight and his picture as the merely bulwark stood at least to know the drama of family living that define a tragedy is even an understatement. The child known Harry Crowter and lives in West Yorkshire to meet him first was the everyday Mail that he explained as the world’s merely case patient with a variant of the Progeria The result is that this youth patient age five times more than its peers and, therefore, now that has de facto age of eleven years for the registry, but the rest is going to exceed 55 years, so much that efforts by the “little” to carry on to play with his peers are part tripled pathological age in the overall excluded because Harry is already suffering from forms of arthritis subjects usually reported.

The result is that by Harry when he was seven years old and takes ache killers Fans in part to quell those joint pains which at his age should not even have still … memory. Not merely must build them even with a dose of chronically ill, he did, day after day, he sees his little skin undermined by the progressive aging of cells and, therefore, in spite of his eleven years, the wrinkled skin and already marked by wrinkles starts to invade his face like a spider web irreversibly, accompanied by a procedure quick sufficient for osteoporosis that forces him to movements increasingly laborious and slow. The medicine admits his utter helplessness, so that this doctors made no mystery to parents who are conscious not merely that the child is living his childhood with the burden of suffering that concerns adults, but most importantly Life expectancy is very short, considering that in a decade, in the absence of any treatment, although, very complicated that can be implemented, little Harry could already come to life.

The Progeria, Whose form is called to Hastings Gilford, affects a child every 100,000 births, even looks that the accounts in hand, the figure is well in glut, it could cover less than a child within this percentage, the Harry is even more infrequent form, and in fact looks to be no other than his patient to be affected. The purpose you go out to these natural disasters is all due to mutation of a gene known lamin A / C and how other metabolic muscle disease produces damage apparatus cardiovascular, cerebral and skeletal.

According to the medical geneticist Bruno small, there are other forms of Progeria, “which build us apprehend that aging is predetermined by our genes. The newest discoveries in biology on telomeres, which are the caps chromosomes and consumed throughout life we, are told that affect cellular aging. ”

At this level one may have estimated that the eminent geneticist we could draw any therapeutic for this disease, but also the Professor of Small faced with the question that addresses the reporter shrugs, unluckily there is no efficient treatment for this disease, No treatment that can someway stop the relentless progress of the disease, although, concluded the doctor, “you are about to experience some drugs on humans after being carried out in vitro, but away from that, till we can not act at genetic, it can merely act on lifestyles that affect, though in part on the aging procedure.

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