Healthy Lifestyle

Becoming can be corrected through lifestyle. We hear about often, but maybe enough. In fact, many of you are wondering what is meant by these words. There risk factors common to many illnesses that have incorrect behavior that certainly lead to some diseases. The most popular among these surely cigarette smoke It hurts the lungs and bronchi , can cause cancer Of respiratory and cardiovascular , stomach and do not like it skin even gets dirty and ages more easily.

The same applies to the so-called food -trash. Among other things we are, women and mothers to provide food habits. Do these things for different activities are to have a lifestyle correct and thus prevent many ailments. Women are often most affected by certain risk factors, according to age and that is why we at Perfume We often important to prevention.

We know what such a supply healthy and balanced, as Mediterranean diet can help us to healthy aging. The same is the proper and discreet physical activity.
But we should not forget even the sleep the refusal to alcohol and drugs, the safe sex and regular health checks.

For example, we women after 30 years we perform a Pap smear and a breast examination every 12 months.

To understand if our lifestyle traveling in the right direction or not, we have a few days to a new tool: the Department of Health City of Milan. The project was carried out in collaboration with the Get Fit, the Italian group of fitness, and Foundation IRCCS Ca Grand Hospital Maggiore in Milan.

The idea is to help you become aware of their lifestyle, and address the best solutions. How? Responding to an online multiple choice questions on some issues pertaining to the health of the person: physical (Physical activity and respiratory system) comfort food (Diet, alcohol consumption), psychological well-being and Sexual Wellness (male and female genitals, sexuality and sexual health).

A ?green light? indicates the citizen to continue to take, while “red” to take decisive braking lifestyles wrong.

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