Foot reflexology

The Reflexology is widely practiced in every corner of the globe, although not recognized as official medicine. But what is it? To understand this, it must be assumed that every single organ or area of our body is a precise foot area. This means that, by massaging the area of the foot properly, it can act on the organ in question without even touching it.

That in this way may seem a fiction, yet many are reliant on the foot massage she obtained excellent results in terms of health.

It clear then that we should appoint an expert to that effect and we can not proceed on their own, or risk jeopardizing the success of the massage. Only an expert knows what the area to be massaged to obtain a calming or stimulating depending on the needs of the subject. A good foot massage can help to alleviate such discomfort caused by the varicose veins but can also stimulate the digestive system or blood circulation to quickly restore a state of optimal health.

An expert in the field can also “read” foot in the imperfections of certain diseases, such as liver dysfunction or diseases of the stomach and spleen, kidney problems or problems due to wrong feeding.

The Reflexology Therefore, it may be useful for treating certain diseases, including chronic, but especially in the prevention phase, as unable to determine what body concerned from this disorder before they face their appearance.

And why the Reflexology is now included as a subject of study and courses in physical therapy than in those who seek to form a personal trainer. Moreover, the market demand is always more extensive and individuals who choose to undergo foot massage more and more.

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