Are you stressed? Retrieve the club with the Cristal Shiatsu massage

Care friends PF, today we talk about Wellness and massage. So the argument that there is concerned, No one resists cuddling a good massage especially when we feel stressed, Out of phase, and the level of our energy psycho-physical in its death throes. In this time of year when we turned towards the summer, but the burdens and concerns seem to multiply, it can happen to feel much grounded. Just to recover tone and good mood, I suggest a form of massage based on the ancient technique of shiatsu but also combines this healing of crystals and the principles of rei-ki.

Combining these three disciplines and ancient wisdom, it was developed a system that can engage and restore harmony in all components of the human being: the physical, that mental, the spiritual. Total well-being and regeneration at all levels, is what promises to treat Cristal Shiatsu. What happens in a sitting Type?

Meanwhile, I state that when you ask the spas to see if this proposal is specific massage technique, you have to expect that your operator is equipped with all the certificates that make it suitable to run the treatment. Once reassured about the professionalism of your masseuse, you can indulge in the pleasure.

You will be made to lie down, dressed in comfortable clothing, or on a tatami mat, in a soundproof room, with a sweet and hypnotic background music, and aromas of incense that scent the air. First, the crystals, you will be resting the seven chakra. Subsequently, the operator will use his hands over stones using the technique of rei-ki to strengthen energy of the latter.

After about twenty minutes, the crystals will be removed from the chakras, and your masseur you’ll feel your belly gently to assess your energetic state, and areas of the body that need a rebalancing. To this end, we proceed to the stage zen shiatsu Based on pressure focused on problem areas.

This section of the treatment is very addictive, it can happen to feel shaken, if you remove a block at emotional. At the end of the session, you feel reborn, full of energy and humor. Speaking with the operator of feelings you feel, will be decided any other treatments. Generally, we recommend the package of 5 sessions.

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