Hands swollen in the morning or during the day: the main causes

If you wake up in the morning, often with swollen hands or this unfortunate incident spread throughout the day, know to be in good company. The swelling of the limbs, And in particular to hands is symptom town of some physiological changes, in most cases, dangerous and fleeting. But often they are accompanied by swollen hands pain in an attempt to move or even when at rest, tingling and difficult to adequately perceive the contact with objects. Which may make it complicated the quality of everyday life. Precisely for this reason, it is important to understand the causes, actions and encouraging remedies preventive or excluding serious diseases.

But what are the main causes of swollen hands?

As often happens, however, identify the main causes swelling of the hands is not easy, because they are very numerous and related to diseases deficit or very similar. Usually the swelling of the hands, not surprisingly also called edema, is caused by water retention. It can happen in cases where there is excessive use of sodium in power But such because of premenstrual syndrome or in the last months of pregnancy. The hands, however, can inflate even if you are in the presence of a Inflammation of the joints As in the case of ‘arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis Usually in these contexts there is also a pain, redness and heat on the part and it is important to inform your doctor, And if the swollen hands matches fever, The cause may be a ‘infection.

A Poor circulation or Carpal tunnel syndrome as well as a wrong position during the sleep work or activity may cause swelling of the hands; trauma, Cancer, obesity, hyperthyroidism and hypertension among other causes. A separate chapter is that involving the use of some drugs: The antidepressants those to control the diabetes and High Blood Pressure, The steroids and Medicines for hormone therapy, Can cause swelling of the limbs.

The remedies to combat the swollen hands

The remedy main swollen hands to fight is to make a diagnosis and therefore to devote himself to the right therapy. For simple cases, transient, we can still suggest some ground rules: first the reduction of salt feeding that promotes water retention and thus the edema. It ‘a good idea to drink 2 liters of water daily, avoiding alcohol and caffeine And then do some exercise is important: often raise their arms up, clenching his fists promotes better blood circulation and helps to drain excess liquid. Even putting your hands in a saline solution, and perhaps by adding a pinch of turmeric may help relieve discomfort.

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