Here comes the world day dedicated to blood donation

Donating blood is important, we know. And to thank all the regular donors and to invite others to do the simple act, the next Tuesday, June 14 is celebrated World Blood Donation Day. The initiative was intended by WHO (World Health Organization Health) And in collaboration with the International Red Cross and other associations. The chosen day is not random, but it is a tribute to Karl Landsteiner, the biologist American about a century ago has identified the blood groups and Rh factor.

This year, several events have a common thread: the importance of a healthy lifestyle for all and especially for the giver blood. Italy has for some years already achieved self-sufficiency in blood: are made every 12 months approximately 2,600,000 blood donations and 500,000 in full apheresis. But the annual average does not mean there is always availability. Despite new technologies, intra-operative for helping to “consume” only the necessary elements, not to waste and maximum use of the blood bags collected, there are still problems: in summer there is always a drop in donations, while some regions are still “dry” and depend on others for emergencies and blood treatment.

What? Obviously a surgery emergency may require blood and for those planned routine, in most cases we precede all’autodonazione, a few days before admission Ed But also diseases such as Thalassemia The leukemia or ‘hemophilia could need a blood donation. Women can donate blood only once every 6 months. And what are you waiting for? Ask at the information donation center closer to home!

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