How to reduce bags under the eyes

This time we speak of the eye area and show you how to reduce bags under the eyes. Usually this comes out blemishes and worsens with age, but in some cases may be related to a congenital issue: in this case is caused by a disorder of the microcirculation that causes a dramatic accumulation of toxins and fluids in the area under-eye. Therefore puffiness and dark circles can appear at any age.

Moreover the swollen eyes can also be caused by many other factors: a sleepless night, a dinner party where alcohol and food is exaggerated, so some form of allergy. Identified the causes of this imperfection will be easier to remedy. Let us see how to solve the problem.

Cover with cosmetics

To reduce the bags under the eyes can easily be applied to the area a bright white eye shadow and then lie on a foundation of dark color. Then apply a thin layer of powder, with a special brush, and made up her face as you do according to your normal routine, stressing, however much eye makeup, to move the viewer’s attention away from your imperfection. Also try to apply mascara to the lashes transparent, to spread before the black, so as to obtain a lengthening and volatizing. Another little trick is to apply two different markers: one lighter and one darker.

1. The darker is placed directly on the bag

2. Just below the lighter, blending well

Resorting to natural remedies

The masks are effective and exhausting, and bleaching of immediate effect. They can help restore the skin that is youthful brightness, of course, always as far as possible, however, do not talk about science fiction coming to act on the skin depth and re-creating a barrier that allows temporary multiplied action of the active ingredients they contain.

The oily solutions and gels specific compact and smooth the skin and can give you an instant effect of stretching and freshness. They are not durable, but can make you comfortable in a special evening where you want to be beautiful.

A fast action you can use before going to sleep, if you see dark circles and puffiness in the mirror together, is to lie on the eyes closed and apply two disks clean-up wipes, soaked in cold chamomile or rose water: in 10 minutes you will have a safe and decongestant effect refreshing.

Surgery, where he can not the rest

If you have a blemish so pronounced as to constitute a problem that makes you uncomfortable, you can resort to cosmetic surgery. The intervention, which is very simple and brief, will solve the problem once and for all. The cost of surgery varies depending on the type of technique used. But, beyond extreme solutions to turn back – possibly – only after very careful and thoughtful reflection, Keep in mind that a healthy diet, the renunciation of smoke and a good night’s sleep habits are more correct to counter these hated swelling.

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