The right workout for six-pack

Let’s find out what the perfect abdominal workout to get a flat stomach in no time. It no use hiding behind false hopes to have a silhouette perfect a healthy diet are essential and physical activity targeted. There are no miracle products that can afford to get a physical to Gisele Bundchen without sweat and toil, the only thing really effective is the much-hated nell’infilarsi tracksuit and find the right stimulus to perform consistently exercises combined with a diet balanced.

To have a flat stomach and six-pack is important to combine a healthy, balanced diet with physical exercise targeted to tone this area. Today we propose a simple program that will allow you to get a toned stomach in a short time.

Breathing and posture to tone the abs

To get a flat stomach is very important to have abdominal strong and fit, to get what the specific exercises are essential, but do not underestimate the importance of some simple everyday actions. We have already spoken of the effectiveness of diaphragmatic breathing Pilates to strengthen the abdominals. Run for a few minutes every day can be a good exercise, but that’s not all, you need to know that even the posture is essential to learn to keep your abs slightly in tension and helps to remove the belly to appear in the form.

Exercises to tone your abs

In the gym you can find many courses where you can burn fat and train your abs at the same time, the GAGs, aerobics and water aerobics are some excellent examples. If you prefer to follow a training targeted to sculpt your abs I recommend you take ten minutes three times a week to run a series of bending to the ground. To get a flat stomach are the ideal abdominal exercises to do on the ground, to train all the abdominal muscles I suggest you run for 30 sessions interspersed with short breaks. You can start with the classic abdominal front with legs bent, then move on to bending of the torso and legs in sync, and then I suggest you run, always on the ground, the lateral elongation and finally the elevation of the legs in order to train your lower belly. In any case, to keep muscles toned the whole body I recommend to accompany this workout at least half an hour of running or cycling.

Food and herbal teas to get a flat stomach

To have six-pack you need to follow a good training program targeted, but to have a flat stomach and a perfect silhouette you must also follow a diet targeted. In general you need to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, limit the consumption of pasta and bread, sausages and fried to eliminate and reduce the consumption of sweets and cakes. To purify the body and deflate the belly can be very useful infusions and decoctions, the nettle, the Indian pennywort and fennel are good in this case.

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